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  • What services does Brangels Co. offer?
    Think of hiring a Chief Brand Strategist, but instead - an entire package of world-class talents coming with it! A 360° brand-building spectrum: Strategy development, Brand Identity, Product Design, Content studio, Lead Generation, and Performance Marketing. Dedicated to providing state-of-the-art brand support we also bring to your brand - process solutions and strategic partnerships, so your brand can reach its full potential.
  • How is Brangels Co. different?
    We are simply out of the stereotype. Having a track record of building brands within the covered industries, Brangels is in a favorable position to support brands as few out there possibly could. It is no secret for us what would work and how exactly!
  • What is the BrangelsClub?
    The BrangelsClub is our community of brands that were identified to be high-potential. As a member, you'll receive personalized support from our team to help your brand reach its full potential. Think of fundraising or supply chain hurdles, topics you must expect your Chief Brand Strategist to navigate you through. It all comes as your value-added being part of the #BrangelsClub.
  • What industries do we specialize in?
    Our team expertise is based on three segments: Consumer, Leisure, and Healthcare. Experienced in working with businesses of all stages: start-ups, scale-ups, and multinationals.
  • What if my brand has great potential, but is outside the covered segments?
    Bring it on, as we love what we do! It will be still free of charge to receive our analysis and offer before you commit.
  • How do you measure the success of joining the #BrangelsClub?
    We set the goals for your brand before we shake hands! As same in love, it takes usually two parties to make it work! ‘In God we trust, but for all the rest - bring on the data!’ Each action and campaign will be traced by Key Performance Indicators such as brand awareness, customer engagement, ROI, leads generation, conversions, etc.
  • How much does it cost to have Brangels Co. in your team?
    This is the +150k€ question that could be asked each year and estimated value your brand gets from the #BrangelsClub. For the love of brands, we set a non-refusable monthly fixed fee and a fair success fee individually for each club member. Your brand wins, we all win - how about that?
  • How do I get started realizing my brand’s potential with Brangels Co.?
    You can get started by booking a FREE discovery call with our CEO to discuss the benefits and easy process to join #BrangelsClub!
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