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Brangels Model

Why the
Brangels Model?

Brangels is made out of passionate team who eat, sleep and breathe
brand building. 


We’re specialists in making your vision an attainable reality.  We're not a Business consultants, a Branding agency or a Digital marketing agency! We are some much more than that!  Once part of the #BrangelsClub, we closely partner with you all initially set goals are ACHIEVED!


To all brand owners! You are dreamers and believers of making a difference! We are, too.

Our first and most important goal is to support you realize your brand’s full potential by connecting all opportunity dots together.


Yes, many questions will follow before our commitment.
We come with a heavy weight industry experience. Putting it all in place to identify the best strategy, set the correct processes and market the hell out of it!

from the norm

We put our money where our mouth is!


SMEs are vital part of the world economy, and Brangels aims to impact the highest potential brand in the sectors we cover: Leisure, Consumer goods and Healthcare. 

Even more, we launch a new brand every year to keep our muscles in tact and make a substantial impact. 

You are in good company

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